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Buying Used Guitars

The guitar is by far the most popular instrument for beginner musicians, whether they are children or adults. The trend makes sense, as many folks have been raised on the classic music of the guitar. Musicians like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Kurt Cobain, Kirk Hammet, and Jack White have made the instrument extremely popular and have provided sufficient inspiration for listeners to pick the guitar up and play themselves.

used acoustic guitars

Used acoustic guitars

One of the greatest benefits of the popularity of playing the guitar is that there are huge amounts of used guitars out there, offered up at reasonable prices for beginners to learn on. Even more experienced players find great deals on name brands and older models, finding instruments that they come to love because of all the history that they have. Sometimes professionals prefer a custom guitar with history over the newest name-brand model.

The guitar isn’t the hardest instrument to pick up. By the numbers, the same amount of children pick up the guitar at the time that others are picking up the piano – this adds to millions of children taking up the guitar each year.

Unfortunately, new guitars are expensive and times are tough. Buying a cheaper used guitar can be a solution to stunting a child’s musical development. Instruments like the guitar, when practiced regularly, have been shown to encourage better all around performance in school and keep kids out of trouble on the streets. The benefits are definitely worth the cost, and the cost may not be as much as you think.

For a family stretched for cash, but also really for any beginner, buying a used guitar is by far the best option. When people think used, they think dinged and partially broken, discarded etc. However, you can find many guitars that are in great condition that can be excellent learning tools for your youngster. With such a guitar, you don’t have to worry too much about your child losing it, dropping it, or even losing interest in playing the instrument.

While new guitars costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars, there are used guitars available for around $100 dollars or even less that are sufficient learning instruments. The most important thing is getting an instrument in the hand of your child and letting them begin the process of learning, you can also used money that you’ve saved on a few guitar lessons.

As briefly mentioned above, because so many children pick up the guitar it is inevitable that many find that they do not like the instrument, or music isn’t their thing. In this case, you, as a parent have made an excellent choice in buying a used guitar, as you are not on the hook for a lot of money and can even consider reselling the guitar if it is still in good condition. Buying a used guitar is the sensible choice for any beginner.

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