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The Essential Guitar Accessories for any Serious Player

There’s so much more to playing the guitar than the instrument itself – while it’s definitely true that you can spend a lot of money on a high-quality guitar and you’d still be a long way from the top of the price list, it’s equally important to equip yourself with the right guitar accessories for every purpose. These include things which will be essential to your everyday playing (like strings, picks and a good guitar case), as well as accessories which you may only need occasionally – but are still just as important. And like with the guitar itself, don’t be shy on the spending when shopping for your accessories – it’s important to invest in high-grade products to ensure their longevity.


We mentioned some of the everyday essentials above – let’s have a look at those in-depth. The guitar case is one of the most important purchases you’ll be making when looking for guitar accessories, and it will likely also set you back the most compared to the others. Still, investing in a proper carrying case is important if you want to ensure that your guitar is protected at all times, especially if you’ve paid good money for the guitar itself. This makes it a rather bad choice to get a soft-shell case – as convenient as they may be for their light weight, they make it a lot more difficult to ensure that your guitar won’t get damaged as you’re carrying it. Plus, a hard-shell case often allows for a more spacious design on the inside, with more additional pockets and compartments for your extra stuff.

Cables are another essential guitar accessory if you’re using an electric guitar – needless to say, you can’t really do much with your guitar if it’s not plugged into an amplifier.

Guitar Cable

Guitar Cable
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And for both types of guitars – acoustic and electric – you’ll always need a pack of picks in your case. Picks often get lost as well, especially if you travel with your guitar a lot. With these things in mind, you can never have too many spares available. One tip we can give you is to be careful to avoid mixing your ordinary, regular picks with any special ones you’ve been given on a particular occasion (such as a gift from a famous musician or something similar). As we said earlier, losing your picks happens all the time, so try to treat the special ones… well, specially.

guitar picks

Guitar picks
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Having covered the barebones essentials, let’s have a look at the more intricate types of guitar accessories, which can benefit you if you want to play some particular styles and special tracks. A capo is one of these tools, which clamps on to the guitar’s neck and serves to shorten its strings – which subsequently boosts the pitch of the guitar’s sound. This can be very handy for adjusting your playing to your singing if you don’t know the correct key, so that you don’t have to learn the whole song all over again.

guitarist playing with a capo

Guitarist playing with a capo

A tool of a similar purpose (but with an entirely different system behind its mechanics) is the guitar slide – this is another guitar accessory used for manipulating the sound, but it works by pressing down against the strings of the guitar, causing it to produce a constant sound. This is a highly recognizable effect which can add a great deal of flavor to any tracks you’re playing, and some bands have even utilized that by implementing the effect in their tracks on a regular basis. The pitch of the resulting sound can easily be changed by just shifting the slide across the guitar’s neck, and experienced players may even have particular “streaks” of slide movements that produce distinctive “melodies.”

Guitar slide glass and brass

Guitar slide glass and brass
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You may greatly benefit from a high-quality musical stand. The good models are lightweight and designed in a way that they can be easily folded and packed into a compact size – making them ideal for fitting into your guitar case among your other accessories. Then, when you want to perform a piece in front of an audience, just pull out your stand and rest your music sheets on it so that you can comfortably read them while playing the guitar, without having to go to great lengths to just turn that next page.

guitar accessories for any serious player

Guitar accessories for any serious player

Keeping your guitar tuned is one of the most frequent activities you’ll be performing while you’re not playing – and you’ll need a good guitar tuner for that. Sure, it’s important to eventually learn to tune the guitar without any external tools, just by following your hearing. However, this takes practice and time – and you’ll need a place to start as well. A good tuner is all you’ll need to get started in learning how to tune your guitar, so spend as much as you have to in order to get a high-grade model here.

Guitar tuner

Guitar tuner
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These are just some of the guitar accessories you’ll need in your lifetime playing the instrument – there are plenty of other things that can benefit you by either improving your play, giving you a more varied list of options in your playing, or simply making the whole process more convenient and less tedious.

At some point, the collective price of your guitar accessories may even exceed what you originally paid for the actual guitar – but going through the list of things you’ve bought, you’ll likely realize there’s nothing unnecessary there and everything has its purpose which benefits you at the moment. And knowing how to use all of those tools and accessories properly is that extra edge which will set you apart from the rest of the guitar players around you, showing that you’re truly serious about your playing skills!

hardshell guitar case

Hardshell guitar case
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hardshell guitar case fender telecaster guitar

Hardshell guitar case fender telecaster guitar
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