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Giving Your Guitar An Upgrade

Do you have the desire to buy a new guitar because you’re tired of the look of your old one yet you don’t have the money? Is your current guitar not sounding as good as it used to? Are you having problems playing it? Is it not as valuable as it used to be? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your guitar instead of replacing it.

Rosewood Maple Ebony Guitar Fretboard Neck

Rosewood Maple Ebony Guitar Fretboard Neck

Upgrading an acoustic or electric guitar is easy although you will find that you need to take a few extra steps when it comes to upgrading an electric guitar simply because of the additional components. To change the appearance of your guitar, you can simply change the pick guard. There are numerous types of pick guards available today in just about every color and pattern you can imagine. To get one that works with your particular guitar all you need to do is outline the current guard on a piece of paper and contact the pick guard company where you want to get your new one from. They will stamp out the new guard to your specifications.

double coil humbucking pickup

Double coil humbucking pickup
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Changing the tuning pegs on your guitar is another way you can upgrade your instruments appearance as well as adding to its value. Once again, you can find pegs that will suite your particular tastes in plastic, steel, gold plated or even in a color of your choice. High quality pegs will make tuning your guitar easier and will enhance the overall look.

guitar string tuning pegs

Guitar string tuning pegs
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In order to change the sound of your guitar you simply need to change the strings that you have been using. A heavier gauge string will improve the tone and volume of your guitar. A lighter gauge will improve the way your guitar plays. If you are a performer, consider changing the microphone you are using to amplify your acoustic guitar. You may need to invest in an acoustic amp and high quality transducers to get the sound you want.

All of these upgrades work on an electric guitar. Additionally, you can change the pickups on your electric guitar to get a different sound. Single coil pickups can be replaced with double coil humbucking pickups to enhance the sound quality. Keep in mind that these need to be wired to the guitar and you should have them professionally installed.

Your electric guitar probably has a bolt on neck. If this is the case, you can replace it with a new one that will help enhance the look of your instrument. Once again, take it to a professional to have changed.

Changing your guitar and upgrading it could be the change you need without having to spend money on a new instrument. Consider what you can do to your current guitar to upgrade it before committing to buying a new one.

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