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Great Beginner Guitar Songs

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At the beginning of your path to becoming a great guitar player, you are going to be dealing more with basic techniques than with actually playing songs. This is to be expected; even experienced players spend a great deal of their time practicing the basics of notes, chords, and scales. But it can become quite pedantic and maybe a bit dull if you are constantly working on the building blocks without actually building anything.

Thankfully, there are several well-known and loved songs that are quite easy to play based on their chord structure and melody. This article goes over a few of those songs. Please keep in mind that this is somewhat subjective. Most songs can be arranged into an easily played group of basic chords.

Free Fallin’ - Tom Petty

This classic rock gem repeats the same simple chord progression throughout the song: D G Dsus>D>Asus. Although the sustained chords are not basic chords, their fingering is very close to the major chords and do not require a great deal of finger movement. Note: on the recording, Tom Petty uses a capo on the 3rd fret. If you don’t have a capo or choose not to use one, the song still sounds great.

Take Me Home, Country Roads - John  Denver

This 1970s country hit put the late and beloved country-pop singer John Denver on the map, hitting number 2 on the pop charts. Along with “Rocky Mountain High,” it is considered a signature song of Denver’s. One of the appealing things about Denver’s music for guitarists is the relative simplicity of his tunes, and this song is a great example. John used a capo on the 2nd fret of his guitar, and the chord progression is G Em D C G (x2) on the verses, G D Em C G D C G on the chorus. The middle part has Em D G C G D Em D C D D7 as its progression. This may look more complicated than it truly is. It is fairly easy to progress from one chord to the next on this song, and its moderate tempo adds to the ease.

Teardrops on My Guitar - Taylor Swift

Country-pop sensation Taylor Swift wrote or co-wrote every song on her 2006 debut album, a remarkable feat for a 16-year-old, especially considering the relative maturity and depth of emotion these songs convey. One of the highlights of TAYLOR SWIFT was this single, the second released from the album. It was her biggest hit on the album; it achieved double-platinum status, and became a staple at her shows. This song uses very simple basic chords throughout, and has a moderate tempo for ease of learning. For this arrangement of the song, a capo is used on the 3rd fret. The verse progression is G Em C D (x2) Em C G D. For the chorus, the progression is G D E C (x2).

Are You Ready?

These are just three easy-to-play hits that can inspire you to keep going. There are numerous websites and books loaded with easy-to-play guitar songs. Find some songs you enjoy and play on!

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