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Buying an Electric Guitar –
What You Should Know

What should you know about buying an electric guitar? There are some steps you should take before making the plunge and investing your money in an instrument. Read on right now to see what you should know about buying an electric guitar.

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What things should you consider before purchasing an electric guitar? Before you even set foot in the store there are some things you should think about. For example, what kind of style of music do you play? What budget are you willing to spend when shopping for your instrument? How long have you been playing guitar and how experienced are you—what is your skill level? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself before stepping foot into a music store.

Many people naturally are geared towards guitars that look new, modern or attractive. The look of a guitar should not be your first priority though—there are many other things to consider. The type of wood, the bridge type, the pickup configuration, guitar weight and the reputation of the brand are all things that should take precedence over the actual appearance of the instrument itself.

Buying an electric guitar

Buying an electric guitar

When you are ready to enter into the music store to do your shopping there are some things to keep in mind. Just like you need to keep your guard up at a car dealership when shopping for a vehicle it’s a good idea to do the same at a music store. Many guitar sales people are driven by their commissions and make money based on how much they sell and what they sell. There are a lot of places to shop for guitars online where you can also save a lot of money and won’t have to deal with pushy sales people—which you may encounter at some point.

Taking a friend is another good idea to get a good instrument. If you have a friend who plays guitar or knows a lot about music then you can still get good input from them. This will also help deter any sales people who may want to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of certain high-end brands or styles of guitar. Taking an experienced friend will help you cut through the clutter and choose from the guitars that are most appropriate for you.

Once you determine a good model to try out it is time to test the instrument to see if it is right for you. Before you start playing you will want to sit down in a quiet area and feel the weight of the guitar. Make sure the instrument is balanced and suited to your size. Test the knobs and switch and make sure they are tight and feel stable. Check the input jack and see if it is loose or broken. Is the neck straight or damaged? Check all of these small details before testing out the guitar and moving forward.

Ultimately you will want to ask the staff or sales person some questions before purchasing the electric guitar. For example you might want to ask for other more affordable guitars made of the same wood or style. Additionally you will want to point out any imperfections on the instrument you have noticed. The idea here is to bring these flaws to the attention of the sales person so you can possibly get a reduced price or additional free accessories like cases or strings.

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