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Buying a Guitar Amp Properly – What to Watch Out For

Do you need a new guitar amp but aren’t sure how to go about buying one? It’s easier than you think. Read on right now to see how you can start buying a guitar amp with the knowledge that a professional player shops with—read on to find out a ton more right now.

Guitar amplifierWhen you’re equipping yourself with the proper tech to play your guitar to its fullest potential, getting a quality amp is just as important as the guitar itself – if not even more important. You may not be aware, but using a low-quality guitar with a high-grade amp will produce a nice sound (more or less), while on the other hand no matter how good your guitar may be, a low-quality amp will limit the potential quality you could enjoy.

When buying a guitar amp, you should first start by picking the basic type of amp you’ll be using – there are four distinct types, and each of them offers some advantages and disadvantages; choosing the right one for you is a matter of personal preference with regards to how your final sound is shaped. The four types we’ll be looking at are tube amps, solid state amps, hybrid amps and modeling amps.

guitar tube amp

Guitar tube amp
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Tube amps – this is the foundation for all amplifier technology used today, and the oldest type around. Tube amps are relatively simple, utilizing glass vacuum tubes for its powering and pre-amplification. The tubes provide a very characteristic, soft and warm sound which can be recognized almost immediately by most music lovers, and in addition tube amps are known for good sustenance and power.

On the other hand, durability is a major issue with most tube amps, as the tubes will wear out over time and this causes the sound to degrade in quality. In addition, you’ll need someone qualified enough with electricity to work on the amp due to the high voltage stored and utilized by it.

Solid state amps – unlike tube amps, there are no components prone to wear used in the construction of a solid state amp, meaning that the quality of sound comes out the same every time, and doesn’t decrease in quality with prolonged use of the amp. Solid state amps utilize transistors in the preamp section, instead of tubes – this gives a good degree of durability to the amp and makes it cheap as well, but on the other hand degrades the quality of the sound a little bit.

solid-state guitar amplifier

Solid-state guitar amplifier

Hybrid amps – a relatively new kind of amp which combines tubes in the preamp section with a solid state power amp section, in order to bring the tone to the desired quality. These machines are more complicated to manufacture and thus cost more than solid state amps, but will still set you back less than high-end tube amps.

Modeling amp – these amplifiers feature digital processors which try to modify the sound and shape it after different guitar amps, room environments and microphone positions. They’re’ additionally highly versatile and feature built-in effects and a tuner, plus direct recording lines. These amplifiers tend to be most suitable to those looking for variety in their sound output.

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