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Guitar Effects Pedals and Accessories for the Advanced Player

As a more advanced guitar player, you may wonder what is next. It’s entirely possible that you are looking for a way to expand the available sounds your guitar can make. What can you do to experiment with your sound and take it to the next level? Have no fear, the pedals are here!

You may have already dabbled in the usage of different effect pedals and accessories to personalize your sound. Here are a few additional ones to try. They can further personalize that unique sound you are searching for or can add to your palette, making you a more versatile (and in-demand) session player.

Wireless Guitar Systems

Picture yourself on a large stage. You want to roam around, but you are limited by the length of your guitar cord. Wireless guitar systems can unshackle you! Based on the same technology that fuels wireless microphone systems, these lightweight, durable systems can have you roaming the stage like the guitar god you are. A small wearable transmitter and guitar cord send a signal to the small but versatile receiver, which typically has multiple frequencies and channels.

Synth or MIDI Guitars and Effect Pedals

Do you like to play a Fender Stratocaster but occasionally want it to sound like an acoustic guitar - or even a Telecaster? Legendary synthesizer maker Roland has teamed up with Fender to make a special edition of the Strat, the GV5, that uses their synth technology to create multiple guitar sounds, even that of a nice, twangy 12-string! This can be especially nice if you are playing in a cover band and need to create different sounds but don’t want to lug multiple guitars around.

If you are not in the market for a new guitar, don’t worry. Numerous synths are available that can allow your guitar to mimic the sounds made by other types of guitar, as well as brass and wind instruments. Check with your local music retailer to see what is new and exciting in the world of guitar and bass synths.

Guitar Loop Pedals

Loop pedals are pedals that can act as an interface between the guitar and the amp. They contain a recording element allowing you to record a riff or a series of chords, and then use them in a continual loop while you play other notes or chords on your guitar. This can add texture to a studio recording, or allow you to play more complex passages when playing live. There are numerous brands and models available, with differing levels of loops available. Some even have prerecorded loops. Check with your local music dealer to find the perfect loop pedal for your needs.

Guitar Looper Pedal

Guitar Looper Pedal
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These are just a few of the many effect pedals and sound-augmenting products that can take your already-great playing to the next level. Check your favorite guitar magazines and your local guitar shop to see the latest trends in products that will shape your music in new and exciting ways.

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