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Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Starting your Guitar Journey

The guitar is one of the most popular and versatile instruments out there. Almost every known genre of music in the Western world has guitar as a lead or supporting instrument. Whether you lean towards electric, steel-string acoustic, or nylon-stringed classical guitar, there are basics that all of these share in relation to learning. This article will go over some of those basics and help get you started on your musical adventure.

The Instrument, the Teacher, and You

Finding the right guitar can seem like an impossible task, given the wide variety of models available. Let’s keep things simple to start. You are a beginner, and so it is best to stick to a basic, well-made guitar. Many companies offer “starter packs” that include the guitar itself and all of the accessories you need to get started. Starter packs for electric guitars include a small practice amp that is perfect for lessons. These are great ways to keep things simple and remove the guesswork.

If at all possible, you should get in-person, one-on-one training from a local professional. This method holds numerous advantages to other methods. A good music teacher can help you plan out your progression. He or she can tailor the lessons to your style and speed of learning. A teacher can also correct your mistakes in real time and encourage you when you need it. Check for references and ask around. If you intend to be in it for the long haul, you want to learn from someone you can trust and will work as hard for you as you are going to for yourself.

Following the Steps

In your initial zest for learning, you may become frustrated that you are not playing at the level you would like to be. Please understand that even the masters of the art started at the same level as you. They took whatever native talent they may have had and combined it with dedication and hard work. It paid off for them and will pay off for you.

Like in other areas of learning, there are basic building blocks that must be mastered first. These include notation, chords, basic melody, rhythm, progressions, and other parts of music theory. In time, your teacher will give you full pieces of music to learn. This should keep it interesting for you, but you should still stick primarily to mastering these basics. You may ask, when do I stop needing to review the basics? The answer is: never. Even the most advanced guitarists run scales before a performance or a recording session. Emulate them and do the same.

You will hit a “brick wall” from time to time. Things do get challenging, and that is actually a goal to strive for. What separates the pros from the rest is that they keep pushing through, keep trying, and eventually succeed. You can do the same.

Where Will your Journey Take You?

Many people start playing as a hobby and turn it into a career. Others are content to just be able to pull out their guitar and play for a small group of friends from time to time. Either way, this is the start of a new adventure. Dig in and enjoy!

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