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Many of us who become musicians don’t start until our late pre-teen years or later, and when we do, we achieve our success gradually. But just as in the days of Mozart, there are always a handful of musical geniuses who master their instrument of choice at an almost-scarily-young age. These youngsters shock us with their mastery, often leading to TV appearances and concerts jamming with much-older and established musicians. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of these prodigies, all of whom have chosen the guitar as their means of expression. None of these players are household names…yet.

Myles Mancuso

This brilliant singer and multi-instrumentalist has been playing guitar professionally since the age of 9. He has played at numerous New York area venues such as Madison Square Garden BB Kings and He has appeared with Chet Atkins, Levon Helm, and other well-known entertainers. Watch, listen, and be blown away.

Sungha Jung

This Korean sensation has been playing guitar since a very young age, and has numerous YouTube videos showing off his immense talent. He released his very first album at 14. He learns songs in a mere 3 days before posting these videos online, and he has mastered songs spanning many genres. Here he is performing Eric Clapton’s acoustic ballad “Tears in Heaven.”

Lucciano Pizzichini

Can you imagine beginning to learn guitar at age TWO? Yet that is what this young Argentinian lad did, playing a one-string guitar made by his father. At 3, he was studying complex music, and by 4, was already studying guitar. By 6, he had already completed the first method of guitar from the famed Berklee School of music. Hear what this kid can do now:

Quinn Sullivan

Hailing from New Bedford MA, this youngster plays like an old blues master. He began studying guitar at age 3. He has appeared on the Ellen Degenneres Show. Like Myles Mancuso, he has played numerous venues in the New York area, as well as clubs in Boston and Chicago. Watch him perform with blues legend Buddy Guy in this clip.

Yuto Miyazawa

Born in Tokyo in 2000, by age 8 he was named Youngest Professional Guitarist in the Guiness Book of World Records. He has appeared on the Ellen Show, and has appeared at renowned clubs and stadiums in the US, playing with Ozzy, Les Paul, G.E. Smith and numerous other luminaries. Visit his website to find out more.

Tallan Latz

This gifted youngster from Wisconsin started as a drummer at age 3. He then followed up with acoustic guitar. After seeing electric virtuoso Joe Satriani on TV, Latz knew what he wanted to play. At age 5, he was given an electric guitar, and he hasn’t looked back. Check out “T-Man’s” MySpace page.

Andreas Varady

Born in Slovakia and now living in Ireland, this young boy was trained in guitar by his father. He is inspired by George Benson, Joe Pass and other jazz greats. Here is a clip of this young child who plays like a full-blown adult.


These young players prove that there is no minimum age to learn guitar, as long as the boy or girl has the passion and talent for it.

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