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Taking Acoustic Guitar Lessons

An Intro to Acoustic Six-String

No matter what your age or stage in life, learning acoustic guitar can be both enjoyable and enlightening. You can play an acoustic in almost any environment and in almost any genre, making it the perfect “go-to” instrument for good times! The great thing about learning this fine instrument is that, in addition to its versatility, it is easy to play in comparison to many other instruments. Indeed, many people can bang out a song (albeit a very simple one) after only one lesson. In this lesson we will go over some basics centered on learning acoustic guitar.


If you are learning to play an instrument for the first time, you need to set reasonable expectations and goals for yourself. You are not going to be a Segovia or a Clapton right out of the gate. It takes weeks, months, even years to become a competent guitarist. Grant yourself, your guitar, and your instructor plenty of patience.

Speaking of your instructor, it is far better to have one-on-one, in person instruction than any other form of training. A live instructor will be able to give real-time, constructive feedback that you can use right away. He or she can work with you, assigning pieces of music that you will actually want to learn. They can correct beginner errors that can save you time and extra effort and will have you learning more efficiently.

Things to Consider

There are several articles at this site that go into detail on choosing the right guitar for you. To put it simply, take your time and choose an acoustic that feels good and that you can play somewhat easily. A music store professional will be able to help you make the right choice.

It is important to make sure that you budget your time wisely when planning rehearsals and when you are in class. If at all possible, set aside a space in your home specifically for rehearsal and keep it neat and uncluttered. Whether learning or practicing, make sure you have everything ready to go in advance and that your guitar is in tune and ready to play.

Work With Your Instructor

Many students, in all types of learning, often see the teacher as someone to be feared and obeyed at all costs. This is not an accurate way to look at the situation, particularly when it comes to guitar instruction. Hopefully, you have done your homework and found an instructor with whom you believe you can have a fruitful relationship. If you have done that in the beginning, you should be able to voice your concerns, questions, and preferences without fear.

At the same time, it is important to show respect. Be on time for lessons. Give yourself ample time to practice outside of your lessons so that you can make the most of your instruction time. Address questions and concerns in a timely fashion, and carefully consider what your teacher is telling you.

Have Fun!

You are starting a voyage into acoustic guitar that can develop into a lifelong passion. Have fun and play on!

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