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Which Brands Your Favorite Guitarists Play

When you start out, you can learn to play guitar on any decently-made and tuned guitar. As you advance, you will most likely want to invest in a nicer instrument. One way of choosing the best new guitar is to have a look at your favorite players and what they play. Although there are many great brands and models available, a couple of brands tend to show up a lot more than others. Here are a few of the better known brands and some of the guitarists who use them.

Gibson Guitars

Perhaps the most renowned electric guitar in history is the Gibson Les Paul, designed by the guitarist whose name adorns the headstock of this classic axe. This revolutionary guitar is one of the foundations of rock music and has been used by such luminaries as Jimmy Page and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, not to mention Les Paul himself. The SG series of guitars and basses are revered for their design and playability. Jack Bruce played the bass while in Cream, and Angus Young of AC/DC is almost as famous for using this guitar as he is for dressing up as a schoolboy. Gibson also makes a fine array of acoustic guitars, including the Hummingbird series. The Epiphone division of Gibson makes decent, lower-cost editions of these and other Gibson models.

Gibson Les Paul electric guitar

Gibson Les Paul electric guitar

Fender Musical Instruments

Leo Fender revolutionized the guitar industry with innovative designs that have been used countless times in the studio and in concert. The Telecaster is renowned for its unique sound and playability and is the primary axe of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. The Stratocaster is second only to the Les Paul in terms of popularity. Eric Clapton has used this guitar for most of his career, after being a Les Paul player early on.

Fender electric guitars

Fender electric guitars

By and large, Fender also has the largest share of electric basses being used by the pros. The Precision Bass is the basic workhorse in the music world, and has remained largely unchanged for decades. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden have been so identified with this bass that they have artist signature models identical to the ones they play. The Jazz Bass has a slimmer neck and two pickups for easier playability and more tonal variety. Geddy Lee of Rush uses this as his primary instrument.

Fender offers low-cost versions of these models and others under their Squier brand. They also own the celebrated Guild brand of acoustics.

Martin Guitars

The C.F. Martin Company, founded in 1833, is the most respected name in major brands of acoustic guitars. It is still run by members of the Martin family, and their quality control is impeccable. This is the brand you will see used by most professional acoustic players of all different genres.

Martin acoustic guitar

Martin acoustic guitar


A great way to choose your next guitar is to choose a make and model similar to the ones your favorite guitarists play. Try one out and see how it works for you.

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