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Why You Should Have More Than One Guitar

Why Having Multiple Guitars Makes Sense

Undoubtedly, you have been to a concert and noticed that sometimes the guitarist (and/or bassist) has multiple guitars on stage. You may think that the guitarist is just being a showoff. In some cases, you may be correct. But in most cases, the guitarist has valid reasons for having more than one guitar in their arsenal. Today we are going to convince you that having more than one guitar can be useful in a number of ways.

Different tones for different songs

If you have been playing guitar even for a short time, you know that different guitars can have vastly different tones. A Gibson Les Paul, for example, has a distinctly different sound than a Fender Telecaster. Perhaps you have a vision in your mind of how each song you play should sound. Often, these tones you’re imagining may be vastly different for different songs. Would it not make sense, then, to have more than one axe to develop what you hear in your mind? Of course, effects pedals and amplifier settings can bridge the gap up to a point, but not completely. If you can have more than one guitar, even for this reason, it may prove to be quite valuable.

Alternate tunings

Oftentimes, a guitarist may have very similar guitars, but each one may be tuned differently. This is very frequent with hard rock, metal, and alternative bands. One guitar may have standard tuning; another may have “drop D” tuning, which creates a darker sound. Still another guitar may have open tuning, which creates alternate (and sometimes easier) ways of playing certain numbers.

The more guitars you have, the more potential tunings, and the more sounds that are available.

Advantages of having both an acoustic and an electric

One of the best examples of having more than one guitar is having at least one acoustic and one electric guitar. Each has its place in most forms of music, and having at least one of each will broaden your musical palette.

Even if you are used to playing your music on an electric guitar, you may find yourself with the opportunity to play an “unplugged” gig somewhere, so it’s always good to have both types of guitars at the ready.

Let us count the ways…

One of the greatest reasons to have multiple guitars at your disposal, particularly if you are a gigging player, is that it is a doorway to more gigs! This is true both both in the studio and on stage. The more sonic possibilities you can offer, the more salable you are. (Your salability is, of course, also determined by other factors, such as your musical abilities, your willingness to learn, your flexibility, and your ability to get along well with the other musicians you are playing with.)

With all of those other factors being considered, having a wider variety of sounds available will give you a competitive edge and may be what gets you that gig. Don’t overlook this.

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