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Why Learn Bass?

A Compelling Argument for Making Bass Guitar Your Instrument

When you have decided to learn a musical instrument for the first time, you may wonder which instrument to start with. If you plan to specialize in pop music (Top 40, Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Jazz, Country, etc.) you may want to consider the bass guitar. This article will give you several reasons.

electric bass guitar

Electric bass guitar
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The Linchpin

You can consider the bass guitar to be the linchpin of a band. It helps move the melody along, and at the same time, helps the rhythm stay steady. As a bassist, you will be the “go-between” for drummer, keyboardist, and guitarist. Think bass is unimportant, or not as important as the other instruments? Choose any song you like. Now imagine it without a bass line. Kind of empty and “blobby”, isn’t it? Indeed, a good bass line will anchor any song and give it extra depth and meaning.

The Levels

With concentration, proper training, and practice, it won’t be long before you can “hold down the 8th” in a band. Indeed, that’s what many bassists do most of the time. What you may not realize is that a bass can be played almost as a second lead guitar if you advance that far. Think it’s not so? Check out virtually any song by Rush (Geddy Lee) or Yes (Chris Squire). Progressive rock bass might not be your cup of tea; that’s all right. These bands and bassists are being used here as examples. The bottom line is that you don’t have to keep it simple all the time. With proper training, you can add much more melody to a song than you may realize. As you become proficient, you will find your niche. You will be able to play whatever fits the song, which is really what it’s all about.

The Legends

Pop is a guitarist’s game, you say? Maybe. But consider how many bassists have made a serious mark on music over the last 50 years: Bill Black (Elvis Presley), Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones), Paul McCartney (The Beatles, Wings, and numerous solo albums), Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Jack Bruce (Cream), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), John McVie (Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers), Chris Squire (Yes), John Wetton (King Crimson and Asia), Geddy Lee (Rush), the late, great Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report and solo), and of course, Sting. These are just a handful of the many artists who have become successful in pop music and played the bass as their sole or primary instrument.

You can also consider the astounding career of Carol Kaye, who played on thousands of recordings featuring The Wrecking Crew, including countless gold records and number one hits. Or the late James Jamerson, who was the house bassist at Motown and appeared on more hit records than anyone can count. It can all start with just one or two studio sessions.

As you can see, the bass guitar is more than a viable option, it is a crucial instrument in most pop forms. Pick up a bass guitar and give it a try.

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